Out of control

It's a little frightening sometimes to see that sickness is everywhere. It's among the people you know-- your family, co-workers, friends, neighbors. Or, you may be the one who is sick.  
Heart disease and cancer are still the top leading causes of death in the U.S., despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent every year to fight these diseases. I recently read about neurofibromatosis-- an incurable genetic disorder that causes tumors all over your body. Yes, these are visible tumors. No matter how medically advanced we are today, the existence of diseases like this reminds me that the human body is a beast of its own. 

Terror attacks seem to happen way too frequently than it should, too. The recent attack in Brussels has been the most violent act of terrorism in Europe since the attacks in Paris, which was only four months ago. But even in between the violence in Paris and Brussels, there were hundreds of other terror attacks (including those in San Bernardino and Ankara) around the world. Most of them went unnoticed, and were barely even reported [or Tweeted] as news. 

Without sounding so obvious, the older I get, the more I realize most of life is out of our control. Even from the beginning, we are created in our mother's womb (most of us, anyway), and we don't get to choose who we're born to, or where or what time period. 
It's somewhat amusing though, of how dumbfounded we get when life hits us with a curveball, because most of life is full of curveballs isn't it?