Marvel Comics recently announced that its HULK character is getting a makeover. 
No, they're not getting rid of his green color. Or his gigantic muscles.

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

The new HULK is ASIAN.
More specifically, the new TOTALLY AWESOME HULK is Korean-American. 

That's right-- the new HULK character is a gyopo [like myself], being played by Amadeus Cho. This is the first time ever in Marvel history that a Korean-American is taking a lead character. How cool is that?
I'm also happy to hear that the creative team behind the new series are two Korean-Americans themselves: Greg Pak (writer/creator) and Frank Cho (illustrator).
If you haven't been following the comics, 19-year-old kid genius Amadeus Cho has been around Marvel and the Hulk series as a supporting character/sidekick for ten years. 

And unlike other stereotypical Asian characters we may have seen in other comics or elsewhere, Cho is not seen as the king of martial arts, and he's not a character who is straight from Asia. 
He's American-- Korean-American.

I know for some, it might not seem like a big deal that the HULK is now being played by an Asian character. For others, it may be weird to see a mega superhero to be Asian.
Well, you know what-- considering the fast-growing Asian population in the U.S., it's great to know that young Asian-Americans can now have a popular superhero that look more like them. 

Now... for a female Asian-American lead superhero...