Early blooming, more concerning?

The cherry blossoms in Washington, DC are almost at their peak. Earlier than expected! That means it's springtime, right? 
Today's high is about 70 degrees F, but just a few days ago I swear the high only reached 40-something degrees. And I still mean that in Fahrenheit. 

The "bi-polar" weather these days is just one of the effects of climate change and global warming. We've heard Presidential candidates (and Leo) talk about the reality (and disbelief) of this thorny issue, and there have been numerous articles and research about the worsening effects of global warming. 

But does this make more people care about this issue now? 

I remember discussing this question with a group of journalists right before the UN Climate Summit in Paris. Climate change is obviously something that affects every living person, but a lot of times it's hard to wrap our minds around the seriousness of this issue, let alone know how to effectively tell a story on climate change that makes more people care about it. 

What are some suggestions?

Nothing wrong about getting excited to see the cherry blossoms a little early this year, but I wonder how many of us actually stop and think what this means for our warming planet Earth...