Happy, despite

There's something about being out on the roads early in the morning. When I say 'early morning' I mean 3 or 4AM. 

Yes, it's still hard getting up that early, even though I've done it probably far too many times. But there's this peace and calm you feel when you're starting your day in pitch darkness, before anyone else looks to be awake. It's like time is put on pause, and the world slows down when you're up at that time. You're also not as distracted with (as many) notifications on your phone during those wee hours. 

With traffic signals flashing against the dark roads, the only sounds you hear are your own tires rolling through the empty streets. Oh, and some Keane playing in the background. 

You feel happy. Or I think it's happiness. And everything is fine.

Somehow during the day, you feel like you're in a race against time. You're inundated with information, things-to-do, e-mails to reply to, plans to make, a bucket of concerns--- but in those early hours, you feel like you can breathe at your own pace. And when you pause, and take those deep breaths, you become extra grateful and blessed for what is good in your life. The world is dark. But there is light shining between every crevice. My dad is now alone, without his wife, but my mom did leave him with three loving kids, who are now trying extra harder to love each other and live life with greater resilience. 

It's not always easy to find that joy, especially when you're going through a tough time. I know. But there are those quiet moments when you find yourself happy, and hopeful with the truth, despite how the world is turning. Let's be better with finding those moments. Or just try to wake up earlier even when we don't have to?!