The World Bank, the Bank of the World

"Is it like M&T or Bank of America?"

"So... do you like your new career now? Working as a teller...?" 

Surprisingly [or not] these are actual questions I got sometimes when I told people that I was going to work at the World Bank.

On some days, when I am in a chirpier mood, I don't mind explaining-
No, you can't make a check deposit at the World Bank, but it does function as a bank...

On other days, when I'm a bit more cynical or impatient (perhaps my usual self), I just stare at them in dismay and then [politely] respond:
No, I don't work as a teller. Yet.

World Bank HQ 2016 (Washington DC)

Yes, you can get loans from the World Bank, but these are not the loans you are looking for to buy a house. 

I'm surprised at just how many people- all significantly educated -are unfamiliar with this financial institution. 

Well, just to put it out there, the World Bank, which is headquartered in Washington DC, has been around for more than 70 years, and it has helped countries like South Korea and Morocco to stand where they are now economically and industrially. 

The World Bank is just one part of The World Bank Group which is comprised of five international organizations, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and International Development Association (IDA).

The group works toward a "world free of poverty."
Not quite the tagline of your local bank.